martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

¿Cómo te llamas?


Incógnito, pasa el reloj golpeando su itinerario,
en una marcha rumbo al olvido:

se parece a tus manos que laboran,
a tus pies circunscritos a un agujero,
a tus ojos que no tienen derecho a soñar.

¡Yo insisto en quedarme!

Y mientras la piedra con su granulometría
y tenaz monopolio de memoria dura,
insonora consolida su áspero ligamento
en el basto ejercicio del concreto;
tú gritas y tiembla el mundo:
interrumpes el misterio de los palacios
y allí,
ellos consternados cierran los ojos
y expectoran en lo que tú podrías ser.

Para tu confesión con el lamento,
hay un postulado de tiros al blanco:
el estómago deshabitado de las cucharas
puede corroer los barrotes del universo,
estandarizar el oro y el cristal de las lámparas.

Y como el péndulo
que lengüetea la brisa,
para ti,
sólo hay lo que hubo:
un gran silencio
y eso es todo.
Elías Letelie

CU­RREN­T 93 -​ On Do­ce­tic Moun­tain
Adam eats and digs and Eve craves more truth
Snakes and graves and serpents and monuments
Of leaves and garden refuse spilling out like tigers
at any chance of cloudburst

Aleph brought forward (?) the new age
And the ponies and unicorns fell
and the crystals and Celestine skull formed
and the bug rites fell
and easy prophet sells tales of astral friendships
in soaps and satans
But Aleph is adam

Aleph and adam stand on Docetic Mountain
The women's faces are full of stars
and mischief into the words of the book
And the lips of the cup
And the trumpets
And the seals
and the candlesticks lighting the nervous to bed
and your bed with seas and flowers
and the nylon lion on your rug
Roaring like a supermarket
On the rack and on its back
I called the martyrs as witness
To this piss poor mess
and the belief for the fly like from the mountains
In curtains of eyes

Sniffing like foxes at count
and singing humming:
"Oh Microwave (Oh Microwave)
Oh Galaxy Kill (Oh Galaxy Kill)"
They have misled themselves, Caesar and christ
No back, no face, covered in useless snow

Praise for Christ and for Hekla (?)
Under low Volcanoes
Smothered by wheels and drowning in silica
Your beheaded heads quoting simian or Jonah
And the stars rain down, sparkling cold and bloody
I remember you and pray for you, all of you
who were, are, and shall be murdered by Caesars
As the nations gather and faded
The poor house ate grated hounds
The center, the chisel of the beast
Guests of their own Farewell Feast

Asha came to me in a dream
and in the wheel swirls the scarlet girl
delivers pornography by the queen
Onto my chest, I said I am aleph
I am Adam and I am under attack since eight
I saw the bells and the jars
and the pale drains, empty wine
Useless in the heathen (?)
How great was the jungle
The dogs clutch heads
Catch and cough our bulls
Chattering like streams
As the stopwatch shuts
The moon, hot trot, foxtrot
The fane trapping fogs for dreams

Samaritan says oh just one word
Aleph says, "This is the Bikini Blast
Easter rabbit your conquers in the smallest (?)
I saw the ghost train fake orgasms for the cliffs
Beached children from the so much
oh so much, I wanted you near
The cats, the scrambled dust, jitterbugs
taking stock of its life  

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