martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Oh! Coal Black Smith


Current 93 - Oh! Coal Black Smith  

+ FAUST ( F. W. Murnau ) + Guerra Civil Española

Oh she looked out of the window
As white as any milk
But he looked into the window
As black as any silk
Hello, hello, hello, hello
Hello you coal black smith
Oh what is your silly song?
You shall never change my maiden name
That I have kept so long
I'd rather die a maid yes
But then she said
And be buried in my grave yes
And then she said
That I'd have such a nasty
Husky dusky musty funky
Coal black smith
A maiden will I die
Then she became a duck
A duck all on the stream
And he became a water dog
And fetched her back again
Then she became a hare
A hare all on the plain
And he became a greyhound dog
And fetched her back again
Then she became a fly
A fly all in the air
And he became a spider
And fetched her to his lair

Man is a beast of prey
The beast of prey conquers contries
Founds great realms by subdigation of other subdigators
Forms states and organises civilisations in order to enjoy his brooding in peace
Attack and defence
Suffering and struggle
Victory and defeat
Domination and servitude
All sealed with blood
This is the entire history of human race

And she became a corpse
A corpse all in the ground
And he became the cold grey clay
And smothered her all around.

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